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=AV= Clan - Joining Requirment (26/7/2013)
« on: July 26, 2013, 08:55:17 AM »
This clan operates a 'Quality, not Quantity' scheme.

As of the 27th of July 2013, all people looking to apply for the Argonath Veterans Clan are required to be above 16 years of age UNLESS they have discussed their application with the clan management, this rule does not apply to clan members that were in the clan before this rule was created.

"Why did you guys implement this scheme?"

  • To ensure that the clan is shown properly throughout Argonath
  • It will give applying members a good chance to see the clan the right way
  • All members need to show maturity and good will, this will make every clan members life easier

In Argonath Veterans, we want our members to not be distinguished members of the community but friendly players who know how to treat one another properly, it is this attitude that has kept the clan on its feet all these years but management has seen that trait being shed over time, this rule will be active from the 25/7/2013 until further notice from  Management or Founders we know that this rule will help propel =AV= into a better future and make us not just a clan but a family once again.

In accordance,

=AV= Management
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